360 STORIES – english version

360 STORIES – english version
1 november 2022 Taleswapper

360 Stories is a game without winners or losers. A game just for two or for a large group. You can play it for an hour or all night long… 360 Stories is an invitation to rekindle lost memories and swap tales together. Stories from a distant past, from the present or somewhere in between. Trivial stories or deeply emotional events. You can keep it light-minded or go very deep: you decide which story to tell.

360 Stories is a high quality beautifully illustrated boardgame, sustainably Made in Holland and available in several languages. Dimensions of the box are 30 x 30 cm, the gameboard is 60 x 60 cm. Includes two wooden dice, a custom made spinner, age chart and multilanguage booklet. We ship worldwide.

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Once upon a time...

For centuries stories start with these magical words. “Once upon a time” takes you along in a world filled with magic, wonder, heroism and the most beautiful love stories. Storytelling is of all ages, of all places and stories are carriers of important messages. That which should not be forgotten, can be shared among others using storie

Once upon my time...

Everyone has a story to tell. Personal, funny, moving, poignant, educational stories; we all have them. A good story, a real story, inspires. People that hear each other’s stories, understand each other better. And by telling, often you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself. So, let’s play 360 Stories and share your stories.


Stories connect people. Differences in culture, religion, lifestyle or age, often lead to misunderstandings and distance. While sharing your personal lifestories, and listening to the other persons stories, something uplifting happens. There’s understanding, you’ll recognize your similarities. And you’ll have a good time!

The 360 STORIES boardgame brings people together and opens conversations on topics that do not often come to the table. Because they are sensitive, or because they are so commonplace that you forget. Our international 360 STORIES cafés take place at an inspiring location.  Food and drinks coupled with a good story, nice music and good company, what a night out!

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A good story, a real story, inspires. Sharing stories gives you better understanding of people. And you might gain a better understanding of yourself.

Share your similarities, respect each other’s differences.

360 Stories RESELLER

We aim to work with resellers that fit our philosophy and identity. Specialized bookstores, specialty lifestyle stores and the better games stores for instance, are a great match with 360 Stories. Besides, special bars or restaurants and stores in health care institutions could be resellers as well.

Social and environmentally friendly business is of great importance to us. Therefore, we gladly support projects and businesses that act responsible to these topics and care for the environment and human rights. We choose our resellers carefully and hope to build longlasting relationships.

There are no resellers in the UK at the moment. If you are interested to become a 360 Stories reseller, please contact us.